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  1. veel succes, de web ziet er erg goed uit.

    Leo, ben jij ook geinteresserd in de stamboom? Laat het weten. Bedankt Roswitha!!

  2. Hi, i was happy finding this this sight,i\\\’m a born schwulst as well.

    Hello Richard, send mi more information or you family. I need this for de family Tree. I happy wen you send mi information.Great from Roswitha out Holland

  3. There is a large Schwulst family in central Illinois USA. The family dates back to the 1850\\\’s here in the US. The oldest part of the family of which I am aware were John Schwulst, William Schwulst, Fredrich Schwulst, and Otto Schwulst. Their fathers would have come from Eastern Germany. My father was Carl Frederick William Schwulst 1887 – 1965. His father was Herman Schwulst. We will look up the family information and send you some more information later. The male Schwulsts currently alive in our immediate family tree are Carl F. Schwulst Jr. , Warren Schwulst, myself John P. Schwulst, Warren Paul Schwulst, Timothy John Schwulst, David John Schwulst, Warren Kevin Schwulst, Steven John Schwulst MD., Eric Schwulst. There is also a collateral line of Schwulsts in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and a few other Schwulsts scattered around the US. You can get the other Schwulst names out of the white pages on the internet phone book. There are a few in California, Florida and several out in New York State. A cousin twice removed of mine was Brian Schwulst of NYC. In the 1950\\\’s he was president of the Bowery Savings Bank of NYC. I believe he had a son, but we have lost track of that branch of the family. My sister, Phylis Schwulst Benton age 81 has a daughter in South Africa. They have told us that there are numerous Schwulsts in Johannsburg South Africa.They saw the name prominently displayed on signs in Johannsburg. I was told that there was nearly a whole page of Schwulsts in the phone book there. IF you are having trouble running that down, I can get a hold of my neice who lives in Capetown SA to check that out and get in touch with you. We have hundreds of old family pictures from the 1800\\\’s and early 1900\\\’s. My cousin, Wilma Knitter of Bloomington, Illiois has done some research on the Schwulsts going back at least three generations here in Illinois and maybe farther. Let me know if this helps. Hello John paul. I wait or you information. Y prommis this to mi. Send mine address: Roswitha Schwulst, Kampweidestrtaat 23 6191 EW Holland. Thank you and aller best.

  4. Beste Roswitha,

    leuk om te zien dat het stamboomvirus jou inmiddels ook besmet heeft. Een prettige ‘ziekte’, waar je waarschijnlijk nooit meer van zult genezen.
    Omdat ik ook pas recentelijk begonnen ben met het ‘Online’ registreren van de stamboomgegevens van de familie Keijdener kunnen we onze ervaringen uitwisselen.



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