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  1. Hello,
    I`m very happy and positive excited of studying this side. My Father Erwin told me something about his family in Bottrop(Germany) and my mother told me some pieces of her hometown Königsberg(Kaliningrad),where she lives as child until 1945.
    So I`m very interested to know where I come from and where other parts of this family live.

    Also I know that my Uncle Erhardt from Gütersloh was searching something about our family tree "Schwulst" in historicly way,he had worked at bertelsmann(Times Warner),but I never read/heard from you Roswitha!

    Also I search with Google with the family name,but the results are not so special.I knew that some live in USA and South Afrika, but so many – incredible!


    Sascha Mario Andre Schwulst-Maifeld(Germany)

  2. I am the son of john m schwulst.
    Hello Mark, Thanks for you message.I very happy with you answer. Please, send mi more infromation our you family. Birhts day, married dates, pictures from family. I ned this al for de family tree Schwulst. Thanks from Roswitha Schwulst Holland

  3. Ich bin Englander und Ich habe kein verbindung mit familien Schwulst, aber es freut mich besonders zu lesen, ein sehr intressant heimatseite, gute arbeite! Und grussen aus England!
    Hallo Tony. Dank für deine interesse. Grüßen von Roswitha Schwulst

  4. I am the son of Warren Wiegand Schwulst, I live in Geneva, IL. I have a son, Zachary James Schwulst, and a daughter, Laurel Anne Schwulst, who is pictured in the website. My wife is Susan M Schwulst. I have enjoyed reading the website. My uncle, John P Schwulst, incorrectly listed my name in his entry to this notebook. Hello James Kevin. Thans for you message. Please, send mi more information. Birthsday, married, maiden name of you wifebirthsdy from children and pictures. I thank you for this infromation. Greats and love Roswitha Schwulst from Holland. This name Schwulst is only in Holland.

    Hello Kevin, can you ask you uncle John P Schwulst that hi mi send more information. He promis this mi for one year. You wil doe\\\’t? Greats and love from r Rowsitha Schwulst from Holland

  5. I wrote you last night and had a reply this morning. I found the family tree and it has me born at the wrong date. I was born ll/22/35. I am married to George F. Blake. We have two adopted children, Thomas F. Blake and Julia B. Ulmer. Anna Schwulst, married to Warren Schwulst, died last Thursday, March 22. The family will gather in Central Illinois March 30-April 2. I corrected other mistakes last night.Hello Joan send more infromation from you family. I need this for make completely de family tree schwulst.

  6. Good day,
    I recently discovered the Schwulst stamboom. I was born Schwulst. My father was Percy Ernest Schwulst. Thank you for this interesting visitors book.

    Hello Henrietta, send my more information from you family. Birthsday, married, died and pictures. I thank you very match. Love greats from Roswitha Schwulst out Holland

  7. Hello All!
    Oops my error, I see Alice was probably married to Hugo. I\\\’m looking for Audrey Luderus who I think married (naam onbekend) Schwulst. Hello Tim. I have not adderees from family Luderus. Sorry I late with answer you. Ken you help mi correctet English writh? I hear from you. Thanks Roswitha Schwulst.

  8. Hello All!
    I have relatively complete record for surname Luderus. Alice Schwulst b1914 d2005 shown on this website I believe is originally Alice Luderus, but I did not yet locate info and forename for here Schwulst husband. Any info/contact welcome.
    Best Regards

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