US Carl Frederick Schwulst


Naam:US Carl Frederick Schwulst
Doopnaam:Carl Frederick Jr.
Geboren:11 juni 1918 (Watseka)
Overleden:4 november 2008 (Bloomintong)


0 jaar: geboorte US Carl Frederick
3 jaar: geboorte broer
4 jaar: geboorte zus US Phyllis
15 jaar: overlijden moeder US Cornelia
28 jaar: getrouwd
47 jaar: overlijden vader US Carl
90 jaar: overlijden US Carl Frederick


US World war ll Army EnlistmentRecord 1938-1946. Warrant Officers USA Education 2 years of college. Adressen Embossing machine Operator or Clerk General. Singel Heigh 69 Weight 157.Branche Branch Immaterial Warrant Officers USA.He attended Valparaiso University ans was a U.S Army veteran of World War ll. Carl was a co-cowner of Schwulst Building Center and Custon Made Homes. a charter member and the first president of Ouf Redeener Lutheran Church in Bloominton and was active in the United Way and the Chamber of Comme rce prior to his retirement in 1983. In addition to his wife, Carl is a survived by a daughter Deborah Cornett, two sons Tim and David Schwulst, his sisters Phyllis Benton and Joan Blake. His brothers Warren and John Schwulst. and six grandchildren