US Robert Schwulst


Naam:US Robert Schwulst
Geboren: 1925 (Wisconsin)
Overleden:16 maart 1945 (Germany WW ll)


0 jaar: geboorte US Robert
1 jaar: geboorte broer
3 jaar: geboorte zus
5 jaar: overlijden broer US Elmer
5 jaar: geboorte broer US Lois (Louise)
20 jaar: overlijden vader US Elmer Ernst
20 jaar: overlijden US Robert


October 1944 Freeman article notes wounded in France and earns Purple Heart. Died in WWII. Article in Waukesha Freeman 27 October 1947: 'Schwulst joined the army 17 March 1943 and wet overseas 27 Apericel 1943 with Infantry N of 78th 'Lichting' division. He was killed wilhe crossing the Rhine in Germany March 16 1945. Survivers include four brothers and three sisters. The body of Schwulst has (have) been interred in the Henri Chapelle temporary military cemetery in Belgium