Be Killed US Soldier WW l and ll

Entlistment 1938-1946

Louis A Schwulst Birth year 1916 White citizen and living in Wisconsin. County or City Milwaukee. Branch Immaterial Warrant Officers USA and Enlistmentdate 31 March 1941. His education 3 years high school. Civil occupation; Motorcycle mechanic or Packer. High explosives (ammunition worker) or Toolroom keeper or stock clerk control clerk. Hi ar singel.

US Cementery and the coast from Normandie. We noth find Schwulst soldiers.

Jack Schwulst. Birth year 20 July 1906 and died 16 November 1973 with citizen living Wisconsin Milwaukee. Entlestment date 25 august 1942. Branch immaterial Warrant officers USA. Term of enlistment for the duration of te War or other emergency, plus six months sublect to the dicretion of President or otherwise according to law. Hi rusted Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee. US graves veterans.

Army of the United States includes the following; volantry enlistments effective December 8 1941 and thwereafter. One year enlistments of Nationa Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service. Officers appointed in de Army. Education Grammar school. Hi is married.

The attendance of president George W Bush third biggest American soldier cemetery of Europe in Margraten the Netherlands was a part of the commemoration ceremonies on to 60. Anniversary of the end of war. On that 26 hectares large cemetery Margraten are buried 8302 pleased soldiers from the USA and Canada, which are fallen to Germany with the march of the allied troops.

Into its speech Bush said: “I honors a generation, which furnished enormous victims, thus my generation in a free world to grow up could

Carl F Schwulst. Born 1918 in Illinois US At. Large. Enlistment 28 August 1941 City Chicago. Branch Immaterial Warrant Officers USA. Education 2 years of college. Civil occupation: Addressing Embossing machine operater of Clerk General. He singel, without dependents.

Johannes W Schwulst 1 Sgt US Army. Born 18 July 1923 and died 19 December 1993. She bury Ft. Bliss National Cemetery Texas.

Mildred L Schwulst:Maj. US Army. Born 23 April 1922. Died 1 April 2006. She is wife of Roland C Schwulst. Bury 4400 West Kenyon Avenue Denver. Sectie 22 site 357. Code 8236.

Roland C Schwulst: Maj. US Army WW ll and Korea. Born 12 December 1918 and 30 December 2003. End of Army 1 januar 1955. Bury Ft. LoganNational Cementry Sectie 22 site 357.

Melvin G Schwulst Died 11 December 1944. Bury Ft. Snelling National Cementer 7601 34th Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55450 Section C 24 Site 14157

Roswitha Schwulst walking over American Cemetery of Margraten Netherlands

Robert Schwulst. Hi born 1925 Wisconsin Died March 1945 in Germany October 1944 Freeman article notes wounded in France and Earns Purple Heart. Died in WWII Article in Waukesha Freeman 1947 27 October. Schwulst joined the army 17 March 1943 and went overseas 27 April 17 1943 with Infantry N of the 78th Lightening division. Hi was killed while crossing the Rhine in Germany 16 March 1945. Survivors include four brothers and three sisters. The bodies (y) of Schwulst has (have) been interred in the Henri Chapelle temporary military cemetery in Belgium.

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