Schwulst US

Audrey Joyce Schwulst 1928-1993

Out Milkauwee Journel, Monday 4 januar. 1993.

Helgeson Adrey Joyce (nee Schwulst) Aga 64 years. Jan 11993 belowed wife of Kenneth

Dear mother of Judith, Larry (Brenda), Linda, Debie Ge Struck,Riky (Mary) Kathy Ross Kipp an Joye Ricky Madison. Bolvend sister of June James Halverson, Berverly John Alvarez, Betty Jane Rowleyne (John) and Ion Fox. Fuhrter sevived by 15 grandchildren and 2 greatk grandchildren other relatives and friends. Memorial service Tues at 1 p.m. from schaff Intement hi gland memorial Park. Schaff Funerel Home5920 W Limcoln Ave. Date 1 jan.1993

Milwaukee Co.Wi.

Cynthia A Schwulst

28 aug. 1964- 22febr. 2008

Training :

White attending Eipom High school she competed at the state level in track and field.

Memories gifts:

Memorials to ALB Assoc, 2505 N, 124 th street Brookfield , WI 53005 Details memorie

David Earl Schwulst 1928-1981

Armee working

Educatief ad Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter NH, Harvarf Univeresity. After gradualing He entered U.S. Marine Corps as an officer. >>2 col. David was First Assistant Director and second Director of Marine corps Museum in New York Wasinghton D.C. Departune Southsamton England. Depareture Manilla Phillippnes. He living USA

Comming 1933 3 januar in Victoria British Columbia Canada

Living 1946 Boston Massachutsestts. Comming in New York 12 aug. 1960. Living New York 1April 1968. USA Armee 1960. Finish marriage 30 april 1976. Dead 11 aug. 1968 Edfewater, Arlincounty Verginia USA

Writher from pedigree

Roswitha Schwulst Netherlands


John Paul Schwulst United States

and information


Schwulst USA Immigration from Germany to United States:

We have information from a ship list that in New York on 5 Augusts 1861 arrive with shipname Victoria deported from Hamburg: Ernst Schwulst Born 1832 His wife Friedericka Schwulst. ChilderMarie Schwulstand Friederick Schwulst.

Next family Johan Schwulst born: 1805. Friedrich 1847 and Wilhelmina 1850 Carl 1834 Kina 1836 Theodor 1858 and Wilhelm 1862. This family arrive in New York 10 August 1964, shipname Junior departed port Hamburg. I think this father fromSchwulst.Marie 1859

Henriette Auguste Schwulst (1828) married Stolzenberg in Germany. Arrived Amerika 1866 age 38 year. Comming from Stasburg/UM.

We have at present discovered Familyimmigrated from East Germany to the United States or America.Immigrationaround 1845-1850.It concerned the Family Johann Friederich Schwulst. In America confess as John Frederick Schwulst. Familybeen discovered, but unfortunately are the data where we not have complete.

We start now, just like the family pedigree from Germany and South Africain the U.S. We try do this way carefully. Only you must excuse our that grammatically the spelling is not correct. Problem: that we must set up this pedigree in three languages and we living in the Netherlands and startet informaton in Dutch and translatet to Germany and Englisch.

History from Family Schwulst and information

The carrots of the Family Schwulst lie in the northeast part of Germany. The correct spot where the first born Schwulst come from is difficult trace. Around the years 1861 and 1864. going de first family of Schwulstto South Africa and United States out Northeast Germany. In their new fatherland expansion the family itself. In the United States the name Schwulst the most attentive name has become. Beginning 1900 living de most Schwulst family’s in Wisconsin and Illinois. In year 2000 living family Schwulst in divergence states of America. We find out the ship list from immigration thatfirst family of Ernst Schwulst (born 1832 in Germany) and his wife Friedricka and two children. She arrive the New York 5 August 1861. With ship Victoria departed from Port Hamburg. Second family immigrated the America is Johan Schwulst (born1805) in Germany. He arrive the New York 10 August 1864. With ship Junior. He departed Port Hamburg. Itconcerned the Family Johann Friederich Schwulst. In America confess ash John Frederick Schwulst. Property family we leg discovered, but unfortunately are the dates where we not complete. Information which we received are these family the first immigrating to America. Between 1861-1875 living two family Schwulst in Wisconsin. We start now, just like the family pedigree from Germany and South Africa now in the U.S. we try do this way carefully. Only you must excuse our that grammatically the orthography not correct are. Problem are that we must set-up dies pedigree in two languages and we living in the Netherlands. Forgive mistakes in Language. We have at present discovered Family which immigrated from East Germany to the United States or America. Information which received are these family the first immigrating to America. Between 1861-1864 and living two family Schwulst in Wisconsin. Information from census 1930 living 10 familys Schwulst in Iowa; 19 Illinois and 3 in Kansas. Totality 32 familys Schwulst.

Schwulst family arrival from imigrant out Germany over Port Hamburg to New York

First Schwulst familys to America

A.1: John Fredrick Schwulst: Born in East Germany 21 August 1805. He died 11 January 1898. He was married Wilhelmina Frederika Rosenbaumm. She is born 7 July 1808 (?) and died 4 January 1900. Family arrive 10 august 1864 with ship name Junior with seven children. Most children born in Germany Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Looking: B.1.1; B1.2; B.1.3; B.1.4; B.1..5; B.1.6.

B.1.1: Ernst Schwulst. Born 1832 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany. Arrive in USA New York from Port Hamburg Germany. With ship name Victoria. Hi is the first Schwulst to immigration the America. Hi married Fredericka Borchardt. She is born in Schwerin Germany1835 Mecklenburg with 2 daughters: Marie 2 years old and Fredericka 4 month.Fredericka. She died after 1870. In 1870 family living the Germantown with 3 children: Mary 1859 born Mecklenburg-Schwerin; Fredericke born 1861 Mecklenburg-Schwerin; Herman Schwulst born 1867 toWisconsin Milwaukee County. Children looking: B. 1.1.; B.1.2; B.1.3.

C.1.1.1: Mary Schwulst:Born 1859 Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Married Julius Krueger26 Jun 1876. Hi is born after 1855.

C.1.1.2: Fredericke Schwulst. Born 1861 Mecklenburg- Schwerin. Died after 1880

C.1.1.3: Herman Schwulst. Born 1867 Milwaukee Wisconsin. Died between 1890-1900.

Herman Schwulst married 15 September 1888 in Milwaukee Fredericka Rostow. She was born March 1865 in Germany. She died after 1910 in Milwaukee.

Laurel Schwulst 10 years School Geneva High School Illinios

D. Elmer Ernst Schwulst. Born 3 June 1889 Milwaukee. Died after 1945.Hi married Emma 1915 in Wisconsin. She was born 5 February 1899 in Wisconsin. She died 18 April 1988 Waukesha Wisconsin. 1917 WW1 Draft registration shows married with 2 children in Waukesha county. 1930 wife and 6 children in Waukesha.Childer looking E. E. E. E. E. E.

D. Walter Schwulst. Born 20 January 1891 Milwaukee. Walter M. Schwulst lived in Richfield. Hi living 30 October 1910in Milwaukee, with Alvin Scholtter, listed as brother in law Lily. This family is related to the Richfield Schwultz’s. 1930 lists living wife Frieda 38, Theodore 19, Walter 13 and Melvin 6 years old in Milwaukee.

Walter W. Schwulst. Born Wisconsin and married Hilda is in 1920 widow. Have2 children:

Laurel Schwulst learnt bike

New Amsterdam steamship for immigrate from Germany to America 1906-1932. Earl Bryan Schwulst comming to from Plymouth with Nw Amsterdam to Americ 20 june 1920


E. Richard Schwulst. Born 30 November 1914 in Wisconsin. Died December 1982 Waukesha Wisconsin.

E. Elmer Schwulst. Born 1915 and died before 1930. Listed as ‘crippled’.

E. Alvin Schwulst. Born 1917 Wisconsin.

E. Bernice Schwulst. Born 1922 Wisconsin.

E. Robert Schwulst. Hi born 1925 Wisconsin Died March 1945 in Germany October 1944 Freeman article notes wounded in France and Earns Purple Heart. Died in WWII Article in Waukesha Freeman 1947 27 October. Schwulst joined the army 17 March 1943 and went overseas 27 April 17 1943 with Infantry N of the 78th Lightening division. Hi was killed while crossing the Rhine in Germany 16 March 1945. Survivors include four brothers and three sisters. The bodies (y) of Schwulst has (have) been interred in the Henri Chapelle temporary military cemetery in Belgium

E. Melbert Schwulst. Born 1926

E. Betty Jane Schwulst. Born 1928 Wisconsin. Married with Vernon Harold Benson. Born 1972 and died 6 March 1992 Wisconsin.

E. Lois (Louis) Schwulst. Born after 1930 Wauhesha County Wisconsin. 1955 was dismissed from hospital (according to Waukesha Freeman) and lived at 344 Harrison.

E. Male Schwulst: Born 4 November 1937 Waukesha County Wisconsin.

Waukesha between 1850-1900

Different family of Schwulst living in US. We need help and make this family’s complete.

Theodor H Schwulst, married Clare. Birth Place Wisconsin 1858 Living 1900 Milwaukee Ward 20. Have four children; MaudSchwulst 11 years born july 1888; Lilly Schwulst born April 1890; Illabelle Schwulst born July 1895 4 years.

Walter W. Schwulst. Born Wisconsin and married Hilda is in 1920 widow. Have2 children: Walter Schwulst Theodore J Schwulst 8 yearsborn 1912 and Willie J. Schwulst 3 years and 8 months. Family living in 1920 the Richfield Washington, Wisconsin.

William H Schwulst: Living 1920 Wisconsin. He is in 1920 widow and born 1864.William H Schwulst Have 3 children. Kata Schwulst 24 years; Ruth Schwulst 7 years and Rosabel 4 years and 10 months.

William Schwulst (William Schwuht) Born abt 1863 the Germany. Name Mothers Anna born in Germany. Hi is widow. Have 2 childern; Emma A Schwulst 21 years; Eltha R Schwulst 15 years and Anna Schwulst she is mother of William All family livin 1920 in Richfield Washington Wisconsin.

Gary and Mary Schwulst.

Herman C Schwulst: Living 1920 Bloomington Precinet 21 Mc Lean Illinois. Born in Germany abt 1861. Married Wilhelmina born 1868. Household members: Henrietta W Schwulst born 1891 and Edna M Schwulst born 1903.

Town Milwaukee Wisconsin 1867

Loma Schwulst Home in 1930 Coffins Grove Delaware Iowa. Hi married Emma she is born abt 1887. Birth year Loma Schwulstabt 1879 and birth place Belgium. Loma and Emma have 8 chlidren. Charly Schwulst 21 years born 1909; Henry Schwulst 20 years born 1910; Lizzie Schwulst 18 years born 1912; Aoneal Schwulst 13 years born 1917.

Harry Schwulst 11 years born 1919; Margaret Schwulst 9 years born 1921; Dorothy Schwulst 7 years born 1923; Eileen Schwulst 4 years born 1926.

Frank Schwulst (54 and born 1866) home in 1920 Brookfield Waukesha Wisconsin. Married Pauline (40 and born 1880)and Frank parents born in Germany. Family have tthree childer: Hugo Schwulst (10 year 1910), Ewald Schwulst (23 year born 1897) and Florence. Living to family Frank Schwulst his Fathers Frank (73 year old) mabey Franks Father.

Schwulst Karen Vivian. Birthday 11 May 1924 in Wisconsin. he died 12 May 1997 in Tulare. Parents Nameof Mother Voss and father Weginger.

Melbert J. Schwuls of Schucht. Hi is home in 1920 West Allis Ward 3 Milwaukee Wisconsin. Hi born 1895 and living als boarder. Birthplace Wisconsin. Mother coming from Germany. He is in 1920 singel and 25 years old.

Laurel Schwulst and Grandmother Anna Jane Schwulst Wilcox

Caroline Schwulst born abt 1826 in Mecklenburg. Informatio from US federal record 1870. She is home Milwaukee Ward 6 Milwuakee, Wisconsin. Mabay she married John Schwulst from Mecklenburg. and have 5 children. Mary 10 years; Minna 7 Lina (or Lisa) 3 years; Carl 1 year and Henriette 1712 year old. First 2 children born in Mecklenburg Germany

May 2th 1876 married Frederick Schwulst and Mary Kuster. Frederick Schwulst is born Neuhof Mecklenburg Schwerin Germany and home 1876 in City of Milkauwee. By what ceremony contract: religious. Repronouncing W. Geyer. Parents of Frederick is Schwulst John and Erneslino Schwulst. Parentsfrom Mary Kuster is Frederick and Mary Kuster.

Date of death: John Schwulst 63 yerd old death 24 July 1882 in Milkauwee City. Location of burial: St. John Cemetery. Date of registration December 21 1883

Scott Schwulst Secretary:

Living in Grandview since 2003 and owning our firts home.Tod and I quickly understood the importance of being involved in our neighborhood.

Our house like yours sanctuary. To home is the best place we can possibly be. Having a military background and the oppertunities to liveand visitall of our country.

Grandview is truly the place I cherish most. Tod and ik have our wonderful pets, Frida, a Queenslansd Blie and two beautiful cats. I am so honored to represent our neighborhood and to help make a positive difference. A neighbor is a friend andI loke forward to meeting all of my friends.

Immigration between 1900 1960

David Schwulst arrival 12 august 1950 from Southhampon. Ship name Nieuw Amsterdam. Born abt 1929

David Schwulst. Born abt 1950. Arrival 15 June1956. Port of departure New York. Ship name Nassau

Dennis R Schwulst arrival 29 Februar 1952 . Born abt. 1950. Port of Departute Bremershaven Germany ship name Washington

Gisela Schwulst. Born abt. 1928 Germany. Arrival 29 Februar 1952.Port of departure Bremershaven Germany ship name Washington. Mildred L Schwulst. Born abt. 1922 and arrival 3 december 1952.Port of departure San Juan Puerto Rico. Name ship Goerge W Goethals. Arrival wthe SS Nassau from Texas June 8the 1956 David Schwulst.

John Schwulst (1889) Michigan boarder; John T Schwulst (1881) Kansas City Ward 7 Boarder; Martha M Schwulst (1882) Kansas City Ward 7 Boarder.

Marriage Schwulst children between 1956-2005

Charles Schwulst 28 years of Waukesha married Lieble old 19 years in Waukesha 9 June 1979.

Married Daniel Edward Schwulst 24 years old. Emily Ann Lorentz 19 years from Walwaukee married 22 February 1986 in Waukesha. Alaine Marie Schwulst marriage19 May 1974 Leon. Cornella Joan Schwulst married 1 June 1961 Palm Beach. John Paul Schwulst married 29 August 1970 Pinellas.

Garry J Schwulst Jr married Alexandria Marie Hudson 4 September 1998: Kim Sue Schwulst living California. Married David Allen Owens 24 August California.

Kyle Erl Edward Schwulst married 19 April Mary Lamb Polbykin. Lorri Ann Schwulst living California married 5 may 1990 Lawrence Benjamin Reeder in California.

Robert William Schwulst living California married Peggy Louise Owens in Californa 6 september 1986. Timothy Warren Schwulst home in Wisconsin married Betsy Judith Morales 14 februari 1992 in Wisconsin.

Kendra Schwulst, daughter of David and Sheila Schwulst, enjoys a wide varity of favorite things icluding Michael Jordan, Ryan Sheckler, Guitar Hero, time with friends and family, art, riding horses, sports anything with chicken, and movie Transformers. Kendra is from Soda Springs, Idaho and chose te come to BBCC so she could continue to play basketball, a sport she excellent in high school where her team was a three time district champ and two time state runner up and where she was named first team all- state, and all-stargame MVP. She also had an outstanding high school career in both vollyball and softball. Kendra’s favorite quot is: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”