Cinthia A Schwulst born Eckhart 25 august 1964 )43. Dead 23 Februar 19 Februar 2008. Cremation 25 Februar 2008 Location Minapolis.Infromation Daly Tribune.

Hallein (Ostnereich) dem 5 april 20008

Five Families in County Preparing for Reburial

Botley of five Wauwesha county men were among the 6,200 silent heroes of the war in europe docking in New York today an the Joseph V. Connely for the inst leg of the journey home.

They are Pfc. Kenneth R. Grundmann son of Mr and Mrs August F. Grundmann, 1020. Genesee street: Pfc. Robert V. Schwulst son of Mr and Mrs Elmer F. Schwulst, 344 Harrisonave; Pfc Raymond N. Mudlitz, son of Mr and Mrs John Mudlitz Sussecx, Sgt Francis T.Splechter son of Mr and Mrs Frenk Splechter, route 2, box 134 Engle. and S/sgt. Ralph R. Lucaswohse nextof kin is given as John S.Knight, 601 Paek ave, Pewaukee.

Their bodles will arrive in Waukesha conty during the nexa few weeks for burine, companied by uniformed army escort from the Chigo distribution center of the American graves registretion division.

Was Only Son

Grunsmann entered the army in Juni 1943 and was stationes at Camp Fannin Tex, Camp Maxie, Tenn and Georgia State university befor going overseas in September 1944, during the betlle of the Buige Grundman. He was killing December 1944 and only son, enlistend before graduation from the Wakesha high school and left shorty after reccinging his diploma.

Robert V. Schwulst joined the army March 17 1943 and was overseas April 27 1944 with Infantry N of the 78th ‘Ligtining” division. He was killed wil crossing the Rhine in Gemany. March 16 1945. Durvivers incloude four brothers anf three sisters.


Entered the Army in February 1942 ent ovverseas in september 1944. He was with first army in Germany wehn he was killed November 20 1944. Besides his parents, he is servived by four brothers and five sisters. Interred in Belgium

Splechter was entered the army July25 1941, wenr overseas abouttwo years later. He dead in Germany October 1917, 1944 withe figtingwith the 9th army.

Text onder Pictures

Robert V. Schwulst 1925-1945,

Activily During WW 2 Company 1, 39 TH Infantry, Injured July 1944, Awarded Heart & Cluster Returned to Action Killed to achtion March 16, 1945. In Germany

Arbeid von André aus Sud Africa

Poem:If you are confident and Strong.

By Katy Schwulst

My high school claims myto be so true
Withs ist school color; red with and blue
Wenh you first walk trough the door
you immediately the score.

Hoe badey teenagers want to belong
now matter how hard one tries, its always wrong
In order to for into a group
You really need to know the scoop

There are too many cliques to try to fit in,
it seems like no one ever wins,
Friens mean the world to every boy and girl,
But to number of cliques caan make you hurl.

Jocks, choir and band geeeks the name of few,
It’s almost as if your are living in a zoo.
Preps the are the biggets group by far,
Yoy can tel who they are by their fan cy cars.

Lunch is alwauys the best part of the day
but if you are not accepted, your dont ’t want to stay.
Earinbg by yourself isn’t very fun
I’d rather sit outside and eat in de sun.

Friendschips take a lot work,
but and to endsome friends are jerks
A truefriend will stand byyou trouhg tick and thin,
A real, true frind will make you grin.

School is what you make of ’t
Anr it is up to you to make that fit
If you are confident and strong
It will be good, nothing will go wrong.

Herman Schwulst:Pleas writh mi your informatiom fot myFamilytree Schwulst.

Schwulst doen mit kragboot:
PortAilfred: Jenny Lee Shwulst, 10 jarigeleerling aan de Learskool Port Alfred war onlangs in Amerika is geskitterhet in kragtboorwedrenne, is weeer in sie nuus. Sy het in die eerste been van die kragbootkamoiienschappe war op die Hartebeenspoortdam gehou is, een briljante derde plek behaal. Sy is die enigste kind die Oos-Kaap wat een Fantasy Junior keagboot het.
Die Suis-Afrikaanse kragboor vereniging het in ontwikkelingsprogram begin minderbevoorrechte kinders om hulle toe te laat om deel te nemen aan die kragboorreeks in hu eie junior afdeling. Die huidige Hotdogsklas skael internasionale competitie uit omdat die bote kaarblykelik gebou is nie. Die SA Krgbootvereniging het toe een gewilde internasionale Junio klas boor gekoop.
Soort gelyke bote zal dus eersdaags in Suis-Afrika vir die nuwe juior klas gebou word.
Die bote war Fantasy junior genoem is, het in 15 perdekrag 265cc met motor. Ses is reeds gebou vir maatschappye wat die miderbevoorregte kinders sal borg. Sterk Kompetisies sal in verschillende streke gehouwe word om die kinder te kies. Die SA Kragtbootvereniging sal brandstof en die bote voorberei. Die kinders sal deur Formule 1 loodse geleer word. Dit sal R18.000 per seisoen vir elke boot kos. Die juniors sal die grondslag vir toekomstige Formule 1 loods wees.
Renier Engelbrecht, een van Suid-Afrikaanse voordte Formule 1 loodse Hot Dog klas begin toen hy maar agt jaar oud was. Altesame 72kinders sal ondersteund word. Hul gtoot daf sal12 mei aanstaande jaar op Port Alfred wees wanneer hulle aan de jaarlikse marathon wedrennen deelneem. (LB)

Out Die Burgers 18 september 1995 Schwulst doen dit weer met Kragboor.

Firts Schwulst comming to South Africa in januar 1859. Hi come from Funkenhagen, Zachodniopomoreskle, West Pomerania, DI Vodeship, Poland 227/03/1823, a peasa aged 35 years left Hamburg on 31/08/1858 arrive East London abd the Wilhelmsburg under the commandand of Captain Heinlucett Dekerk on 13/01/1859 or 06/12/1858- other records state that it was Captain C.H. Muller- together with his wife Johanna Friedericke Wilhelmine Lange and 4 children. They settled in the Stuttershein area.

Information Family off Schulst

Was Twin, Wilhelm Otto Schwulst 12/ /01/1878, born Kettterer’ He had land calles `Captain Naxwells Lot dib. Stutterheim, Field Cornecty 1 This property was okd to Harrington as paet of his well being woundup. His wife Bertja Wilhelmine Noack 6-06-1882 was 63 years ols when he died.

Unemed male infant died 1923.


SA Herman Heinrich Piehl oe Phiel arrived East Londond about 1879, as immigrants they battled for survival. Herman was a farmer and also lay preatcher, The spelling of the name Phiel was changed to Piel when the family arrived in South Africa.
Frau Irma Schwulst. Sie ist 86 jahr alt wohnt umgebung von
US David C Schwulst 1953 geboren.
US Johanna Wilhelmina Schwulst 1912 oder 1913
US Maureen Nel Schwulst 1953

US Cherry L Schwulst 1953US

US Devin Schwulst looking for infor,otion. Hi is home in Ovirdr old 23 years. Hi play rollerHockey

SA I looking for adresse from Neville and Russel Schwulst. Living in Eats London

DE Schwulst Gisela en Dennis Schwulst coming from Bremershafen 21 february 1952 in

New York 28-2-1952. With ship SS Wasington and living in Wisconsin Waukesha. We looling for information.

US Schwulst David and Cornelia Schwulst with ship in firstclaSS b 15 JUNE 1958 wnd male snde female.

Looking for Schwulst Carl married Anna R4 childer from 1862-1868.

Schwulst Eltha Theresa, married twice Raymong S and Frank J. one child born 1915

Hugo Pat Schwulst in eye by stray shot Story 1940s

US Mathew Schwulst Husband Anna Obirwary 1980s

US Schwulst Russel-grade school picture 1940s
US Theodore nd Mary Jerold Married 1880
US Theodore married wice, Mary and Clara K 1 child born 1903

US William Schwulst born 1862 married Katharina S 4 children from1888- 1895

US Schwulst Annette arrestet for passing counterfeit bilis they fomd Story 1920

US Schwulst Austin, missing and found Story 1900s